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Take your order yourself and get a delicious 15% discount for it

- Choose your favorite pizza, sushi, burger or any other delicacy.
- In the "Cart" choose delivery "Self-pickup" and choose the address where you can pick up your order.
- Confirm the order and wait for the operator to call to confirm the order and specify the time of readiness of the order.
- Or call us and just say that you will pick up the order yourself.
- Come to the street. Soborna 10 and take your order at a good price.

When ordering meals with self-pickup discounts do not add up!
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The promotion is valid:
- every day (except holidays)
- for all pizzas from the menu

The promotion does not add up to other promotions and discounts!

Delivery time:
Mon-Sun from 10:00 to 23:00
1 + 1 = 3

Schedule a meeting with your friends and be sure to take advantage of our special offer. Order two delicious pizzas and get a third as a gift! ⠀

The promotion is valid:
- weekly
- Monday - Thursday(except holidays)
- 10:00 to 17:00
- for all the pizza from the menu

Pizzas that you can choose as a gift - Montanara, Margarita, Carbonara

Energy value
  • Proteins
  • fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Caloric content
Колбаски пепперони, моцарелла, пармезан, базилик, томатный соус
3 000 H
3 000H
Безалкогольный глитвейн
Безалкогольный глитвейн
Напиток запоминается пикантным, слегка кисловатым вкусом и приятным вишневым ароматом.
2 000 H
2 000H
Клубничное мороженое 250 мл.
Клубничное мороженое 250 мл.
Ароматное, сладкое, с насыщенным вкусом душистых ягод сочной клубники.
1 000 H
1 000H
Пончик с глазурью
Пончик с глазурью
Сладкий, ароматный и пухленький пончик с яркой глазурью необычайно вкусен.
1 000 H
1 000H
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